It’s Christmas again. A holiday of lots of materialistic presents. Often you get stuff you can’t use or you simple don’t want. But how to avoid this? Check out our minimalist Christmas gift ideas.

At Elementarist we love to promote to give experience. Like traveling, get aways, or some fun activities. However, often we hear that there is always somebody in the family who wants to give a physical present. A great idea is to create an Amazon wishlist. Add here only things you need and share it with your family. So everybody knows what you really need.

But what is you need for your minimalist journey? We have put together some minimalist Christmas gift ideas for you to add to your wishlist or simply for some inspiration.


Do you do Yoga already? If not, it’s time to start. Yoga will help you to get more balanced in life. Yoga helps to boost your health and mindset. Wish for a Health-Yoga subscription. There are some fabulous online courses as well. And why not add this great Yoga set for your home performances?


Not many people think of this. A unicycle. It does not need much room. Easy to take with you. And it is a super great tool to train the body and boost your health. A new hobby to get out of the house. It is environmental friendly and lots of fun. It does not matter how old you are, you can learn to ride a unicycle. There are lots of great videos on YouTube how to do that. A great minimalist ride.

Travel items

2017 should be the year to challenge yourself and start traveling only with hand lugguage. We have put some items together which will help you to travel comfortable with hand lugguage.

Suitcase / Backpack

We have put together 3 different bags which are all perfectly suitable to travel with. These bags give you enough storage for all your stuff.

Suitcase and backpack in one


Backpack with all security items needed for advanced travellers

Coconut Oil

We have explaint in our article how great coconut oil is and how much you can substitute by just using this oil. So no questions ask this needs to be in your travel bag. And that’s why it is a great minimalist Christmas gift. Everybody should have coconut oil in their household. This selected Coconut Oil is available in travel sizes.

Travel Organizer – Toiletry Bag

There are so many different toiletry bags out there and there is nothing more frustrading than if not all your stuff fits in. Then you start having 2 toiletry bags. Or 1 and 2 plastic zipper bags. However, we have found the perfect travel toiletry bag. This one is big enough to fit in all your stuff. And it’s still small enough to fit into your hand luggage. We love this toiletry bag. It’s actually spacious enough to fit in both our stuff.

Cable Organizer

Cables are one of these annoying things that are everywhere. Difficult to pack away and you need it all the time. We love this cable organizer. We store all our cables in here. This is how we make sure that we don’t forget any cables when we travel. Great minimalist Christmas gift for everybody.

Travelling hoodies

These hoddies are the ultimate travel hoodies / jackets you need. It has all functions you need build into the hoodie and it’s comfortable as well. A great winner on kickstarter and now finally available on Amazon. A must have item for minimalist this Christmas. Available for male and female.

A minimalist wallet

Men don’t like big wallets with all the stuff in it. So we have found this great minimalist wallet which makes a great minimalist Christmas gift for a man.

Travel Water Bottle

How many bottles of water do you buy per week at work, gym or simply on the go? And afterwards we just throw these bottles away. It is environmentally unfriendly and as well the water bottles have some toxic plastic. We have found a great water bottle with an integrated filter. We have used it for over 1 year and it’s great. Everywhere you get free tapwater to fill up this bottle. It is BPA free and filters the tapwater of all bad stuff. Great minimalist Christmas present for everybody who is regularly on the go.

Travel Mug

This was the best present I ever got. I got a $20 voucher for my favorite coffee place and a travel mug. With this travel mug I got $1 off for each drink I bought. In 1 year I have safed over $90. Great present and most coffee shops give you now a discount if you bring your own travel mug. So this is definitely part of our minimalist Christmas gift series.

But don’t buy just any. Many have harmful plastic in it and the hot drink will taste jucky. We recommend this stainless steel travel mug.

What are your favorite Minimalist Christmas Gift you have ever gotten? Comment below.



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