Christmas is coming up and more of you are thinking about Christmas presents. Here at the Elementarist, we prefer to give experience instead of stuff.

Stuff is usually a present which is nice first but then it just stands around. Or you wear it once and then it disappears in the closet. Or even better you don’t like it at all and just hide it somewhere as you feel gilty to give it away or throw away.

The best presents are experiences. Give for Christmas some time to do something extremly fun. We have put together a small list of what it could be.

Here are some one day experiences you can give:

1. How about learning how to fly. This is on most people’s bucket list. Give them the opportunity to get a  Flying High Certificate


2. Give experience for an unique Sailing Experience

Sailing Experiences

3. How about one of the Action & Adventure Gifts. This includes raft, skydive, zipline, bungee jump, hike, scuba, learn to fly, drive race cars & much more, all under the guidance of strongly vetted professionals.

Action & Adventure Gifts

4. It’s winter. Give a Snow Sports Experience. This can be learn to Ski, Snowshoe or jump on a Guided Snowmobile Tour. No matter what you choose, there’s an experience for everyone.


5. Give an Architectural Kayak Tour. Not many people have done this before and it is so much fun

Architectural Kayak Tour

How about a great travel trip as an experience gift?

Travelling gives us so much and teaches us minimalism. If you know somebody who is struggling with minimalism, you should get them a trip overseas. Best an adventure trip. During an adventure trip you have to move around and change locations. So you cannot take too much stuff with you. A great teacher to learn to live with less.

Check out these amazing YOLO travel trips for 18-30 year olds. Let’s start with Java to Bali. This is an amazing trip.

Yolo Java to Bali

Find more amazing travel experiences you could give as a present here.

Share your experience story here and help others. What are your favorite experience presents you have ever gotten? Comment below.



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