In 2010, we were traveling through Southeast Asia for the first time. We packed our bags within 15 min for a 3 month trip. As you can assume, we forgot quite a few things. Arrived in Thailand, we kept bumping into people who were traveling with coconut oil. Every time, we asked our travel mates in the hostel for something, we got offered coconut oil. This was a bit weird but how we discovered coconut oil for the first time. During our journey, we learnt how coconut oil can help you to declutter your cupboards and backpacks with just one jar of coconut oil, and avoid many chemicals and waste at the same time.

Coconut oil, a jack-of-all-trades

First, let’s look at the benefits of coconut oil. What makes this oil so popular and healthy? Coconut oil is rich of healthy fats. It has a unique composition of fatty acids that makes it highly resistant to oxidation. It can thus be considered as a healthy cooking oil.

But you should not only keep it in the kitchen. Coconut oil is also known for several health benefits such as killing candida, improving energy, balancing hormones. However, this is very subjective and depends on a person’s individual conditions. Keep in mind that too much fat is generally not recommended in a balanced diet. We would only recommend to use organic cold pressed coconut oil for all the below mentioned uses.

Use coconut to declutter your cupboards and more

We have discovered coconut oil and many of its secrets and benefits while travelling. But we keep using it in our everyday life even when we are not on the road. Having a nice glass jar of coconut oil at home will not only allow you to declutter your cupboards by replacing other items. It will also help you to expose your body to less chemicals and,  by buying organic cold-pressed coconut oil in glass jars, to reduce plastic waste dramatically.

The recommended coconut oil tool kit for minimalists

There are plenty of coconut oils out there. When choosing one, we recommend to take one with a glass jar and to make sure that the oil is organic, cold-pressed and free of any additional substances. We also recommend to get yourself some small glass jars so that you can take it with you where you go. The organic, cold-pressed oil might cost you a few bucks more but it will also last very long. This jar here below will keep you oiled for half a year.

26 things you can replace with coconut oil

So here we go, these are our 26 minimalist tips which you can use to declutter your cupboards, increase your health and reduce waste with coconut oil.

1. Cooking

You can use coconut oil for everything in your kitchen. It’s great in salads, frying veggies, cooking, barbecue etc. Prost!

2. Leave-in conditioner

Put a little coconut oil into your hands and rub them. Now, apply the oil after showering into your towel dry hair. Surprisingly, your hair won’t be fatty. Just smooth and shiny.

3. Dry nostril cream

When you spend lots of time in airplanes or when the weather starts to get cold, the feeling of dry nostrils comes up. Apply some coconut oil inside the nostrils to smooth it.

4. Hair mask

Massage coconut oil throughout your hair in the evening. Sleep a night with the mask. Wash it out in the morning. You will get your shine back.

5. Body lotion

Apply coconut oil on your body right after the shower. It helps to smooth your skin and keeps it moisturized. And you smell yummy.

6. Hand cream

Apply a drop of coconut oil on your hands to moisturize them. As coconut oil is a dry oil you can continue what you are doing without worrying to leave fatty marks everywhere.

7. Face cream

Apply coconut oil onto a cotton patch and apply it on your face to moisturize it. Coconut oil helps to smooth wrinkles with vitamin E. Using a cotton patch will help to apply only a little oil, so that your skin won’t be fatty.

8. Eye cream

Of course it is a great eye cream as well. Massage it gently under your eyes.

9. Make up remover

Coconut oil is a brilliant make-up remover for water resistant and normal make up. Time to declutter your cupboards for beauty products!

10. Toner

After you cleaned your skin and removed your makeup. Take a new cotton pad, apply coconut oil on your skin. You can add some other natural oils to it as well. Use coconut oil as your base oil. It will remove all the dirt from you skin and leave a clean skin.

11. Mouthwash

I know this sounds a bit weird and will taste a bit weird for the first time. But oil pulling should become your everyday habit. First thing after you wake up, put a spoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swishing it around for 5-20 minutes. This will improve the dental health, reduce plaque, bad breath and fight bacteria.

It is very important to spit out the coconut oil in your toilette or trash bin otherwise it will clock your sink!

12. Body scrub

Add some salt to your coconut oil. Now you have a natural body scrub.

13. Massage oil

You don’t need any fancy chemical massage oil. Coconut oil does a great job and smells yummy.

14. Beard conditioner

All guys having a beard know that it can get prickly or itchy. Put some coconut oil in your beard before you go to bed. Massage it gently into the skin of your beard. After only 1 week you will notice a huge difference. You can also pimp it with some other oils, we will soon tell you how.

15. Sun screen

Coconut oil has got a natural SPF 6. It is a great sun screen, but you have to apply it regularly. Apply it every 30 minutes so you won’t get burnt. Use it best when your skin is already used to sun exposure. Keep in mind, it is not water resistant. It is important to keep applying it regularly.

16. After sun lotion

After a long day in the sun, apply some coconut oil to sooth your skin. This will not only allow you to declutter your cupboards and travel bags but also to safe tons of money.

17. Toothpaste

You can use coconut oil as your toothpaste. Your teeth will feel much cleaner and healthier. If you really want this fresh taste from the toothpaste add some essential oil drops (i.e. peppermint) in your coconut oil.

18. Tooth bleaching

Stop using this extreme chemicals for shiny white teeth. If you start doing oil pulling on a regular base and brush your teeth with coconut oil, your natural white smile will shine again.

19. Lip Balm

Of course coconut oil will keep your lips hydrated and smooth. Simply put some oil into a small jar and take it with you. A perfect way to declutter your cupboards and not getting addicted to chemical lip balm.

20. Stretch marks cream

Rub the oil regularly on your skin where you expect stretch marks. Stretch marks can come from putting on weight, growing muscles or a baby belly.

21. Shaving cream

Coconut oil is a great shaving cream. Especially outside the shower. Great solution on a road trip in a camper van to save water.

22. Sooth bites

It can help to sooth mozzie and other fly bites. You can declutter your cupboards from all these chemical and smelly other products.

23. Wound care

I don’t know why. But it helps. I went diving in Southeast Asia and got a blister from the fins. Of course due to the bacteria in the warm water the wound got totally infected. The dive master gave me some coconut oil mixed with Manuka honey. I applied it regularly throughout the day. The swelling was gone within 48hrs.

24. Constipation relief

Yes, this happens to all of us. Eat 1 tablespoon of coconut oil every morning on an empty stomach to relief the symptoms.

25. Cracked heels

Wash your feet and give them a hot bath to soften skin. Apply a lot of coconut oil on the cracked skin. Put on some thick socks to rest for 30 min. Repeat as often as necessary.

26. Hair conditioner

After shampooing your hair with a natural shampoo put a little bit coconut oil into your hair. Massage it in your hair. Let it sit for a minute and give it a good rinse with water.



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