When talking to people we often quickly get to the question of why one would become a minimalist. This is something we have covered here. Once people have understood our concept, some eventually ask how they could start their personal journey into minimalism. Now, minimalism is very individual and there are several ways people start their journey into it. We have put together some tips for you which will help you to start your minimalist journey.

1. Get practical to become a minimalist

Our brain deals better with practical numbers then vague ideas. An unclear thought is more likely to be pushed back and postponed then a precise one – aka. I will do this next week.

Now, how to get practical? The best thing is to start where it hurts: money. To know that you have many debts can make you feel uncomfortable but to discover that you have 100K of debts will make you move. It’s a clear number and you know what you have to tackle. To assume that you have many shoes is okay but to see that you have 48 pairs  and only wear 5 of them will make you reconsider your wardrobe. To complain about the fact that your salary is always gone by the 3rd week of the month is unpleasant. But to realize that you spend 80% of it for food and your rent will raise questions.

Start crunching numbers to become a minimalist.

2. Get a partner to become a minimalist

Minimalism is not only about decluttering or owning nothing. It is an inner, critical state of mind. You will challenge the beliefs which you have carried around for years. During this journey, on some topics you might start to disagree with your friends. You will realize that you made quiet some silly decision in the past. Minimalism will not always be comfortable, especially not in the beginning. Thus, don’t go all the way by yourself. Tackle the journey with your spouse or a friend. It will make the way far more easier and pleasant.

Get a travel buddy to become minimalist.

3. It will be fun to become a minimalist

Be aware that you are not starting a journey into renunciation. It might be a little rough sometimes and unearth some uncomfortable truth. But be reassured. It is going to be lots of fun.

Minimalism is basically like going to the gym. At the beginning it is a bit annoying and hurts. Nothing worse than the 3rd day after the first training session. But this is exactly when you have to be brave and hold strong. Eventually you will start feeling better. Stronger. Healthier. That is when the fun part starts. That is when progress becomes evident. Your journey into minimalism might start with turbulences. But keep in mind that you are embarking a wonderful journey.

Be positive to become a minimalist.

4. Go traveling to become a minimalist

Sometimes it is not easy to change attitudes or habits while pursuing your day to day life. You keep seeing the same people, doing the same things and having the same discussions. Take the easy way out and go traveling.

Traveling puts you into a new framework. It pulls you out of your surroundings, habits and your comfort zone. It will make it a lot easier to rethink and reconsider things. We don’t preach for minimalism. But we in fact like to preach for traveling. Everybody should go traveling as often and as long as possible. Because every journey abroad is also a journey inside of you. We have covered this here, btw.

Buy your ticket to become a minimalist.

So, when are you crossing your threshold to minimalism?



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