It’s halloween again, great! Isn’t it? Well, we prefer to go hiding in the mountains. But for those getting ready to have their doorbell drilled tonight, we have quickly gathered 5 practical halloween gift ideas for a more minimalistic halloween on a budget.

1. Carabiners

Carabiners are great, aren’t they? We have a bunch ourselves and keep using them everyday. They belong to our all time favorites of practical gifts as they are truly useful on a daily base. And: they don’t harm teeth (expect you actually bite on them).

2. Mini-Flashlights

Mini-Flashlights are another practical practical halloween gift ideas. Not only will they help the other parents to find their kids in the dark, but, just like the carabiners, they fill a true need. They also increase the likelihood of kids playing outside in the evening instead of spending nights in front of the TV.

3. Toothbrushes

That’s our favorite one. Everyone is giving out candy, you give out toothbrushes. Simple, useful and complementary. Parents are going to love you for this 🙂 And if you wonder where to get a bag of toothbrushes from, why don’t you give a heads up to you local dentist?

4 Halloween Oranges

If you still want to give out something sweet, go and get a big bag of organic oranges from your local farmer and a natural marker. Now, the time has come to demonstrate your halloween drawing skills. Here you go with some sweet and nasty looking halloween oranges.

5 Mini Notebooks

Finally, why not giving out some creativity? Mini Notebooks are like little wonders and great practical halloween gift ideas. You give them out blank and just a few weeks later they are full of colors, imagination and ideas. We loved getting notebooks to keep our secrets and ideas when we were small. Why not triggering your neighbourhood’s creativity?



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